People Pay

A new way to send money that’s fast, convenient, and easy

Cash and checks used to be the easiest way to pay friends and family. They’re still used, but in today’s world where friends, family, and acquaintances live across the globe, cash and checks aren’t always convenient. With People Pay, you can use your mobile device to easily send money quickly and securely. 

With People Pay, you can send money to just about anyone. No need to know your recipients personal bank information --- just a name and email address or mobile phone number is all you’ll need.

To start sending money now, follow these steps:

The first time you use People Pay you will need to complete a short enrollment process by entering your email, phone number, and date of birth when prompted, but after that, you’ll just go through a three-step process for future payments.

Step 1: Sign in to Mobile 
Step 2: Click on the People Pay option
Step 3: Enter your recipient’s contact and payment information

For limits click here. Fees vary based on the type of payment that will be sent and are presented for your approval when you submit the payment.
That’s all you need to do! Your recipient will receive an e-mail or text alert with instructions on how to claim the money you sent.

Check out how you could be using People Pay:

•    Payback a friend for lunch
•    Send money to a child who’s away at college
•    Payback a roommate for covering your part of the rent
•    Pay referee fees for a flag football game

If you’re looking for an easy way to pay people, get started with People Pay today (requires enrollment in Pioneer Bank’s Online Banking and Mobile Banking).

Click here to sign-up for Online Banking.

Click here for People Pay agreement and disclosures.