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1st Playable Productions

1st Playable Productions

Tobi Saulnier

Tobi Saulnier’s vision for her company wasn’t purely profit-driven. She founded 1st Playable Productions to develop state-of-the-art educational games for kids, and also to create economic opportunities to benefit her employees and the community. So, when she switched banks five years ago, Tobi chose a banking partner whose philosophy of customer service, local relationships and giving back to the community matched her own; Pioneer Bank.

1st Playable Productions is an independent game studio that creates hand-held games for entertainment and education, including games that help teach children reading, math, science and even cooking. The company is dedicated to educational applications of technology, and commits resources to participate in community service events for teachers and kids. They conduct a 2-day workshop called Games in Education, that shares best practices with teachers on how to use games in the classroom. They also facilitate a free summer camp on programming and game development for teens, staffed entirely by volunteers from their staff and the community.

As a certified B Corporation, 1st Playable Productions balance stakeholder impact with shareholder impact. This accreditation is earned by practices such as choosing local vendors whenever possible, providing employee benefits and using recycled office furniture. Tobi supports her employees’ community service efforts, believing that local service organizations benefit from companies that support their efforts.

Since Tobi came to Pioneer Bank, she has benefitted from the convenience, personal service and local knowledge we provide our business customers. Above all, Tobi feels a shared philosophy and community focus with Pioneer. She likes dealing with a customer-oriented bank that’s right around the corner. “We work so hard on customer service,” she said, “I appreciate that Pioneer does too.”

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