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Albany Engineering Corporation

Albany Engineering Corporation

Jim Besha, Sr. & Jim Besha, Jr.

With more than a hundred projects to its credit, Albany Engineering Corporation is a leader in hydroelectric development, design, construction, and operation. This pioneering company has introduced many firsts to the American hydroelectric market, including unique powerhouse designs, equipment innovations, and breakthrough features to enhance energy output while preserving the environment. Guided by the vision of Jim Besha, Sr. and Jim Besha, Jr., the company is a model for responsible, sustainable development of our local natural resources.

Local and sustainable are two words they consider important when talking about business banking, too. They choose Pioneer Bank for what they call sustainable banking – for the bank’s commitment to the community, its openness to proactive change, and for good advice based on local knowledge and understanding of their business. 

Jim Besha, Sr. started Albany Engineering Corporation in 1984 and Jim Besha, Jr. joined the company in 2001. Together, they have led hydroelectric projects in 11 states and four countries, though the company now focuses on projects in the Capital District region and northeastern US. This regional focus allows them to work with trusted, reliable vendors to create power in the community and for the community. They consider their company to be a steward of the local rivers, responsible for protecting nature and managing our renewable energy resources. 

Albany Engineering Corporation finds confidence in the personal service and professional relationships it has with the people at Pioneer Bank. This proven trust and reliability allows the company to concentrate on making clean, renewable hydroelectric power more readily available and affordable for all of us, while being assured that the company’s banking and financial needs are in good hands.

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