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Green Renewable Inc.

Green Renewable, Inc.

Sean Gallivan, President

To say Sean Gallivan built his business from the ground up would be an understatement. In his younger years, what began as an after school lawn-mowing partnership with his brother evolved into green waste processing and bulk materials trucking (with a company called SM Gallivan Trucking founded in 1991), and eventually a multi-site lawn & garden products business called Green Renewable Inc. As his companiesʼ overhead and equipment demands grew, so did Seanʼs need for a bank that would stick with him and help him realize his vision.

Green Renewable was formed in 2011, when Sean purchased a large forest-products facility in Rensselaer County that processed top soil, mulch and kiln-dried firewood. He had a passion for developing and manufacturing landscape supplies, and the new facility offered room to expand his operations. Seanʼs ambitious vision was to grow the entire industry; to take the bulk lawn & garden products business to the next level. Investing in large scale production and automation of processes that once were done by hand would require financing.

To launch Green Renewable, Sean wanted to work with commercial bankers who could understand the business and support his plan. He felt he was outgrowing some of the lenders he had relied on, and at the same time, didnʼt trust large banks to stand behind him in his aggressive growth strategy. He chose Pioneer Bank because he believed in their leadership, their commitment to local businesses and their community-focused principals.

Today, Seanʼs companies have grown to include 154 employees, two bulk manufacturing facilities, two packaging facilities, and 65 commercial trucks in his fleet. Green Renewable now packages lawn & garden products for national brands, producing over six million bags of mulch and soil in the last year. He recently acquired Finger Lakes Mulch and Soil, adding to their bulk production capabilities.
Growing a business like this is capital intensive – Seanʼs equipment costs millions of dollars – so having a financial partner who understands the realities of this business helps him make the most of every opportunity. And Pioneer is there when he needs them.

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