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Groff NetWorks, LLC

Groff NetWorks, LLC

Lauren Groff

It seems every business these days has a technology component: for data management, online transactions, even everyday workflow and communications. What sets the successful companies apart in a high-tech business environment is having the right solutions and a plan for how best to use technology to achieve their business goals. That’s where a partner like Groff NetWorks comes in.

Lauren Groff started the company ten years ago to provide virtual IT support and managed computer services for small businesses. What makes Groff NetWorks different from other IT companies is their consultative, big-picture perspective. Groff’s model looks at what the company does, how it uses technology and helps create a plan to leverage their investment in the right solutions. It’s a stark contrast to the old-school “break/fix” model of computer support that so many others still employ. 

Since its start, the company has grown to offer “Virtual CIO” service, a robust Support Desk and innovative technology consulting – helping organizations apply the best technology for their business, while maximizing the benefits to employees, improving productivity and reducing risk. It’s an entrepreneurial, outside-the-box approach that makes Groff NetWorks a valuable partner for competitive businesses.

The day Lauren Groff got his DBA for Groff NetWorks, he went shopping for a checking account. He opened an account with a larger bank but eventually needed another option when the relationship went down-hill. He decided to come to Pioneer because of the turn-around time and Pioneer’s dedication to Troy and the downtown BID. From opening his business checking account at Pioneer, Groff’s relationship has grown to include business lines of credit, hardware financing, a mortgage on his renovated brownstone office in Troy, as well as his personal bank accounts.

Groff is an advocate for Pioneer Bank, and the service he receives from this responsive, local partner. Access to the top decision makers allows him to respond to opportunities and manage cash flow in real time. As Groff’s business continues to grow, he knows Pioneer Bank will be there to provide the financial support he needs.

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