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Gus's Hotdogs

Gus's Hot Dogs

Steve Haita

The lunchtime crowd lines up on the sidewalk, the picnic tables fill, and the mouth-watering smell of grilled hamburgers and hot dogs spreads down the block. Gus’s Hotdogs is a fixture of the neighborhood it’s called home since 1954, a familiar landmark in Watervliet Historical Society’s faded black & white photos, and a multi-generational eatery that has served its neighbors for over 60 years.

Founded by Gus and Renay Haita and now run by Renay and her son, Steve Haita, the business has grown a loyal clientele with a very simple recipe for success. Their goal has always been to satisfy their customers by serving the finest quality food at a low cost, with close attention to the integrity of their ingredients. Gus’s is a true local gem, loved by generations of residents for their trademark Greek Burgers and Mini Hot Dogs and the honest, consistent experience they deliver for each and every customer.

Steve Haita says Gus’s Hotdogs has enjoyed a similar relationship with Pioneer Bank for several years. His dad always told him, “Stick with a local bank - they’ll pay attention to you,” and that advice has proved true. Steve deals exclusively with the branch manager and team from the Watervliet branch, located right around the corner from his restaurant. He counts on them for personal service and quick decisions. Gus’s Hotdogs has found an effective partnership with Pioneer, a relationship that helps them better serve their own loyal and hungry customers.

Visit Gus’s Hotdogs at 212 25th St, Watervliet, NY 12189

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