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Hewitt's Garden Centers

Hewitt's Garden Centers

Ryan Cullinan & Jim Cullinan

In the greenhouse business, growing healthy plants requires just the right amount of sun and water, and knowledge of each speciesʼ ideal conditions. And when it comes to growing customer relationships, itʼs important that retailers understand their buyers and can be responsive to their needs. Thatʼs how Ryan and James Cullinan built a successful retail garden center business, and the same reason they chose Pioneer Bank.

The father and son team are the owners of Hewittʼs Garden Centers, the fifth largest independent retail garden center in the country. CEO James Cullinan purchased the business in 1987. His son, Ryan Cullinan is now President of Hewittʼs and has grown the business to eight locations, with a ninth garden center opening soon. With a short growing season and perishable products, flexibility is important to run a successful retail garden business. Being able to change paths quickly and respond to opportunities allows them to buy and sell products at the peak of their growing cycle.

 When asked how they remain competitive against the big box stores, the Cullinans will tell you that itʼs because they have better customer service. They build sustainable relationships with their customers, providing education to make gardening more enjoyable and selling according to the customersʼ needs, not corporate sales directives. The Cullinansʼ business is rooted in the community. They are generous in their support of community organizations; they donate plants to fundraising efforts for youth sports leagues, Boy Scout and Girl Scouts, and do plantings for nursing homes and Ronald McDonald House.

Their commitment to personal, local customer service are the same reasons they chose to bank with Pioneer in 2011 and have stuck with them ever since. In a seasonal, reactive business like retail garden supply, the Cullinans need to get quick answers and have access to useful financial services like letter and lines of credit when needed. Pioneer always had the right person, people they know, ready to help and provide answers. They even helped Hewittʼs implement new point of sale and reporting systems. Pioneer Bankʼs willingness to offer support and advice has helped Hewittʼs continue to grow their customer relationships and their business.

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