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Kaleel Jamison Consulting Group

The Kaleel Jamison Consulting Group

Frederick A. Miller

Today’s workers make significant commitments to their employers; they dedicate their lives to their jobs, often spending more time at work than with their families. With that level of investment, organizations owe people a workplace where they can do their best work and have the contributions and talents acknowledged, included, and valued. Since 1970, The Kaleel Jamison Consulting Group has been working with organizations from Fortune 100 multinationals to non-profit groups in the Capital Region and around the globe to make meaningful change that will benefit not only the organization, but the individual and the community.

Kaleel Jamison’s CEO, Fred Miller describes his company as “the little engine that can;” a boutique management consulting firm of about 20 employees and independent contractors that partners with organization leaders to bring about sustainable change for greater success. Their goal is to enhance organizational cultures so people feel safe—both physically and emotionally—to be their full selves and contribute their thinking, talent and energy. Their work focuses on eliminating barriers such as race, gender, age and sexual orientation and to recasting people’s differences as assets to the company rather than deficits. They’ve been thought leaders, among the first people to talk about “diversity” and “inclusiveness” as positive factors in the new workplace. And while other management consulting organizations tend to place their emphasis on working with top leaders, The Kaleel Jamison team really cares about the organization’s people, and helping them learn and practice skills that make them successful inside and outside organizational walls. 

That philosophy has influenced their business banking relationships as well. For years, Fred Miller handled the company’s financial needs through one of the big national banks. Then, in the wake of the financial crisis of 2008, and without warning, the bank withdrew his line of credit and demanded payment on a multi-year loan. It was the turning point in the way he thought about his banking relationship. Instead of the security of a big bank, he looked for a bank that cared about his company and about him as an individual, rather than treating him like a number. He chose Pioneer, a local, mutual bank staffed by people he sees on the street; business people who know his name, and genuinely care about him and his business.

It’s been a very positive experience. Fred finds the team at Pioneer very accessible, even the president. He can call them directly whenever he needs to, and they often call him just to check in.

It’s a level of personal service and attention he finds very assuring. “They have my back and that’s worth gold to me; it’s the security I thought I had with the big bank,” he says with a smile.

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