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Proctors Collaborative

Proctors Collaborative

Setting the stage as the community's living room

Philip Morris, CEO
Jean Leonard, Chief of Staff

"Theatre takes the world at large and reflects it onstage, and we feel like our building needs to take our community at large and represent it inside."

By hosting theatrical performances, job fairs, spelling bees, movie screenings, meetings, classes and everything in between, Proctors Collaborative has expanded its mission of providing outstanding theatre into becoming the community’s living room. In 2018 alone, 2,800 events took place at Proctors, Capital Repertory Theatre, and Universal Preservation Hall, as well as subsidiaries like the School of the Performing Arts at Proctors, and Open Stage Media.

For the past seventeen years, Philip Morris and his team have built Proctors Collaborative into a powerful force behind downtown Schenectady’s revitalization. Today, all members of the community feel comfortable entering its doors for a cup of coffee at Apostrophe Cafe, visiting the gift shop, or participating in dynamic events and conversations.

Recognizing the need to accommodate more educational, media, and rehearsal space, Proctors searched for a banking partner that took the time to understand their organization’s unique financial structure and could commit to helping them realize their vision. Working with the experienced commercial banking team at Pioneer Bank, The Adeline Graham Theatrical Training and Innovation Center, "The Addy," became a reality. This third-floor venue, which had been empty for decades, is now home to a 100-seat theatre, multi-use classrooms, a media lab, dance studio, and rehearsal room that serves more than 500 students and 10,000 patrons annually.

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