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Redburn Development Companies, LLC

Redburn Development Companies, LLC

John Blackburn & Tom Rossi

A lot of companies make good efforts to be “green” and efficient, but few go to the lengths of a local development company that’s rewriting the book on sustainable apartment living. Redburn Development Companies founders John Blackburn and Tom Rossi are combining simple technologies in unique ways to reduce energy use, streamline utilities and generate power on site.

Redburn Development Companies specializes in adaptive reuse and historic renovation of small apartment buildings, with an emphasis on energy efficiency and green energy. Blackburn and Rossi were recognized with the “Revitalize Troy Award’ in December 2014 for developing The River Street Lofts and retail spaces in the downtown business district.

Their latest project is the Tilley Lofts in Watervliet, NY. It was once the oldest ladder manufacturing facility in the US, but today it is home to 62 modern, upscale apartments. The property’s innovative energy management system features geothermal wells, a combined heat and power plant and three-stage heat recovery system that generates almost all of the electricity for the building. The system also reduces greenhouse gas emissions by half when compared to conventional systems, which saves the equivalent of 88 metric tons of coal each year (or one shovel of coal every 20 minutes).

Centralized heating, cooling and data infrastructure for Internet, TV and security offer a low-cost solution that saves money for both the landlord and the tenants. Residents benefit from a higher level of comfort, better service, a single vendor for utilities and, best of all, significant savings on their services.

Finding the right financial partner for Redburn’s unique business was the easy part. Blackburn and Rossi knew Pioneer Bank from a previous business venture, and respected the local knowledge, service and responsiveness they found at Pioneer. They met with Pioneer’s decision makers, President Tom Amell and members of their commercial team, who listened to their ideas and took time to understand the technology, the opportunities and the risks. Pioneer has been a partner with Redburn ever since, offering them customized business banking solutions to keep them reaching for the next innovation as they reinvent real estate development. 

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