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What is an ITM?

ITMs (Interactive Teller Machines) work like an ATM with the ability to video chat with a local Pioneer Bank representative. Complete almost any transaction that you would normally do at the teller line. When the ITM is not available for a live teller, the machine works as an ATM.

Where can I find an ITM?

ITM functionality with a live teller is available Monday-Friday 8am-7pm & Saturday 8:30am-1:30pm. They are located at the following branches and can be used during or after branch hours:

The following ITM's are located inside of branches and can be used instead of waiting in line for a teller during branch hours:

What transactions can I make at an ITM? 

Customers can complete all teller transactions EXCLUDING:

  • Money Order/Teller Check Purchase
  • Passbook Transactions
  • USPS Stamp Purchases

Please Note >> ALL withdrawals/checks being cashed require a valid ID which will be scanned at the ITM.

How is my money dispensed?

ITMs carry $50s, $20s, $5s & $1s. They can also dispense coins; meaning if a customer has a payroll check for $112.45, Pioneer's ITMs can dispense the entire amount including the $0.45! 


Just tap the screen on the ITM to get started!

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