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4 Reasons to STILL Visit a Bank in Person

You can get a lot of banking done on your home computer, mobile device, or by using an Interactive Teller Machine (ITM) or ATM. This doesn’t mean the need to visit a bank in person is obsolete. In fact, we think there are plenty of good reasons to stop by at least once a month. Here are 4 of the best reasons to stop by.

1) Employees get to know you. This is probably one of the biggest benefits because it helps to prevent in person fraud on your account. If you are frequent at a particular branch, the employees there get familiar with your face and banking activity. In the event someone comes in attempting fraud on your account, the employees are more likely to be able to protect you because they are familiar with you and your normal range of activity.

2) Turn in change. If you don’t already save your spare change, now may be the time to start. Watch your savings add up with Pocket Change, our round up program. Just 50 cents a day could save you nearly $200 a year.

3) Take care of small, but important tasks. Let’s not forget the importance of notarizing documents, getting money orders, and making small batch copies of important documents. Pioneer Bank notaries do not charge customers for notary services including medallion stamp.

4) Get personalized financial information. Sure you can do your own research and attempt to manage your financial goals on your own, but nothing beats a face to face conversation with people who you already have a relationship with. If you go to a bank you already have accounts with, you can easily pull financial information you’ll need to have a valuable conversation around where you currently stand financially, where you want to go, and strategies to get there.

Think about these four reasons to visit your bank the next time you’re trying to convince yourself you don’t have the time. Make the time today, to save yourself time and money tomorrow. Our most popular branches have extended hours a few days a week to accommodate the busy lifestyles of our customers. Stop in and say hi!

*Participation in Pocket Change is free with eligible Pioneer Bank Checking and Savings accounts. Learn more today.


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