Passbook Savings

Savings with passbook-only access to help meet your goals

When you're ready to start saving, our passbook savings account is the obvious choice. How does it work? Simple: Make deposits like any savings account, but to make withdrawals, you need to present your passbook. That means no ATM withdrawals, no debit card purchases, no dipping into your savings without your passbook. Our parents and grandparents saved money this way, and it still works today.

Passbook savings also features low minimum balance requirements; just $50 to open and a low daily average balance to avoid service charges. Your passbook serves as your statement, an easy record of deposits and transactions.

Like all of our deposit accounts, you can access your passbook savings with Pioneer's Online Banking and Pioneer Mobile Bank tools to help you save time and manage your money from your computer, smartphone or handheld device. You can view account balances and transaction activity. All of Pioneer's online and eBanking products provide leading edge functionality, proven security features and user friendly interfaces, to make online banking fast, easy and completely secure.

Pioneer's passbook savings features:

• $50 minimum deposit to open
• $100 average daily balance for the quarter required to avoid a service charge
• Interest compounded daily and credited quarterly
• View your account with Online Banking

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Stop by any Pioneer Bank branch to open your savings account.

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