The New Pioneer

Realizing a new vision for the community

There's a new breed of individual who's shaping our society. Independent men and women who see solutions that others miss. Ambitious roll-up-your-sleeves types with the determination to succeed against all odds. Community advocates who value sustainability and connectedness. Parents teaching their kids how to make the world a better place.

These are the new pioneers - the movers and shakers who are defining a positive future for our community and our nation. They have big plans and will let nothing stand in their way. They don't have time to worry about money, whether their transactions will go through, or whether their bank has their back. When they see an opportunity, they take it. And when they need a financial partner, they come to Pioneer Bank.

We give these new pioneers the financial tools they need to manage their money on their terms, with all the support and personal service of a trusted partner. We empower dreamers to dream and doers to do even more. It's a new era, led by the new pioneers, and Pioneer Bank will be there every step of the way.

Meet some of the new pioneers:
  • Susan Odell Taylor School: Engaging students with independent thinking. Read More
  • Hewittʼs Garden Centers: Cultivating local relationships. Read more
  • Underground Railroad History Project: Connecting past & present. Read more
  • Green Renewable: Growing a sustainable industry. Read more
  • Groff NetWorks: Aligning technology to meet business needs. Read more
  • Unity House: Enhancing quality of life in our community. Read more
  • Fred's Tents: Quick response is key to growth opportunities. Read more
  • Redburn Development: Harnessing green energy for apartment living. Read more 
  • Fred Miller: Creating inclusive workplaces for greater results. Read more
  • Gus's Hotdogs: Customer satisfaction is the recipe for success. Read more
  • Dagostino Building Blocks: A reputation built on expertise. Read more
  • Tobi Saulnier: Sparking education and economic opportunity. Read more
  • Albany Engineering: Stewarding our renewable energy resources. Read more
  • Stefanie Wiley: Leading her company to a new era. Read more
  • Captial Region Builders: Building a stronger community. Read more
  • St. Peter's Health Partners: A new vision of care for the community. Read more
  • Etransmedia Technology: Streamlining the healthcare industry. Read more
  • Ecovative Design: Saving the world with bioplastics. Read more
  • CSArch: Reimagining the customer experience. Read more